• A social club for art lovers with an emphasis on socializing, impacting, building and doing social good.

Current Situation

  • Working on building a community of art lovers with a shared interest in doing social good. We will be selecting people who have displayed exemplary leadership in their communities to mint a free token (date TBD). Our interest is in building a strong community of people with shared interests and a winners mindset.

Who are Legendary Champayners?

  • I started the Champayner Social Club as a community for my art collectors. I wanted to give those who held my art in their wallet and homes a community. Over time, I realized that this vision is bigger than me. Yes, I am an artist first but I also want to see others thrive. This has always been a way of life for me and not applying it in Web3 felt unnatural. We cannot do it all but little drops of water can fill an ocean. I wanted to do my part in building others up, no matter how little it was. So, I decided to open the Champayner Social Club to selected members of the Web3 community. We have not dropped our token yet because we are still in the selection process. My collectors were the reason I started this community and because of that, each one of them will be able to claim the Legendary Champayner token during a designated period. They will forever hold a special place in my heart and they are the heart of this community because, without their support, I may not have started the Champayner Social Club. – Toni Payne


  • ART
  • Creating Sustainable Solutions for Artists
  • Art education and research
  • Branding Education and Help
  • Artist Mentorship Program
  • Web3 Art Directory (Artists, Collectors, Galleries)
  • Art Collection and Artist Support
  • Discovery Program ( Help collectors discover new talented artists)
  • Web3 Still Life Art Education and Awareness
  • Nomination and voting for art for various events
  • Gallery Events
  • Museum Visits
  • Socializing and Networking
  • Education and Workshops
  • Technology Education and Awareness
  • Community Building
  • Help with Project Funding
  • Community Development and Onboarding
  • Champayner Day of Social Good – (Spreading Kindness in our Communities)
  • Travel, Dinners and other Social Events ( We love to have fun, right?)
  • and more…